Studies in the area of non-formal education


Research models in non-formal education field

Over a decade ago Clau Consultors created a department specialized in research in the field of training and education. During this time, many studies have been carried out in a continous fashion corresponding mainly to the following types of study:

The evaluation of satisfaction seeks to elaborate an information system that contemplates students' satisfaction as a key instrument in the quality strategy of the center.

Through a measurement tool constructed ad-hoc for every center and type of training clear and operational results are obtained concerning the student body's perceptions with regard to quality of teaching, materials, pedagogical resources or infrastructure. Patterning in these assessments improvement and optimization areas are detected.

Through an analysis of the structure of the labour market and based on the professional skills needed in the production systems of a certain productive sector, an operational diagnosis is obtained of which the aim is to undertake training actions. This type of study constitutes an especially useful tool for training centers and government bodies.

Job placement for certains groups of people is one of the priorities of the tenders offered by public authorities.

The development of a job placement project must be based on the personal situation of the student body to which the plan is addressed. The quality of the job placement depends on the coherence between an individual's personal project and his/her relationship with the economic and social environtment in which one lives.

Through a subsequent follow-up of the students career path, reliable details are obtained regarding the impact of the training received and the relation with their employment situation.

  • Development of action plans
  • Ground studies
  • Diagnosis studies
  • Motivational research


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