Research in shopping centers

Market Research for Shopping Centers

Market research for Shopping Centers

Specialization and experience

In the past several years we have specialized in the sector of shopping centers and superstores which has allowed us to accumulate an extensive experience from all of the types of research carried out in more than 50 shopping centers in Spain.

We have a specific department for the Commerce, Distribution and Leisure sector which focusses on research for shopping centers: Clau Retail.

Clau Consultors is a member of the Asociación Española de Centros Comerciales.

Models and methods appropriate for shopping centers research

Clau Retail has acquired important know how of the reality of the shopping centers that has allowed to us to develop models and methodologies adapted to needs of the sector which are presented in the section of Types of research.

Multiclient research

On the other hand, as a part of the documentary process and the constant search for information, for many years we have periodically been carrying out Multiclient Studies on Leisure habits and Purchasing Habits in Hypermarkets, Superstores and Shopping Centers in the following areas: all of Spain, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia.



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