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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Objectives of a satisfaction survey

The customer satisfaction surveys evaluate the degree of customer satisfaction with the service offered by the brand or supplier, both globally and for the various aspects involved in the relationship with the customer (price, product, commercial service, delivery service, etc).

Advantages of Satisfaction Surveys

In general, adoption of a quality program provides a number of benefits:

• Increases customer loyalty.
Reduce vulnerability to price wars, helping to determine a price level that will not affect market share.
Reduces Marketing costs.
Increases market share.

A satisfaction survey can be simple or very complex

Customer Satisfaction surveys support different degrees of complexity and development ranging, from simple self-administered questionnaires to more complex tools that include comparison of results with competitors or construction of theoretical models.

In recent years Clau Consultors has conducted surveys and satisfaction studies for companies in different sectors and using all sort of formats, from the simplest to the most elaborate.

Satisfaction Surveys of Clau Consultors

We offer you, among others, the following types of satisfaction survey:

If you want to outsource the satisfaction survey that is carried out internally or wish to make a study of satisfaction at a reasonable price without having to worry about heavy jobs such as preparation of questionnaires or data collection, we put at your disposal all our experience and the most advanced tools to not have to worry about anything.

We prepare the questionnaire, we carry out data collection, tabulation of results and offer a full report with conclusions and recommendations at the right price.

Clau Consultors has developed its own model for when a thorough and detailed study of customer satisfaction is requested which utilizes the most advanced methodology in this type of study.

Satisfaction Survey model of Clau Consultors

It assumes that the degree of commitment, and ultimately customer behavior toward the mark, can be explained by three factors: the customer perception about the quality of products and services, perceptions about the price quality or margin-quality ratio and corporate image of the brand.

The valuation of goods and services in turn depends on the degree of satisfaction with different processes or elements of the customer relationship: products, orders, delivery, sales agents, billing, etc.

Stages of the Satisfaction Survey

The Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program includes two phases. An initial qualitative stage identify empirically the different elements involved in the relationship manufacturer/ supplier-customer. All these elements are linked in a theoretical model from which the questionnaire is prepared for the second phase: the survey to a representative sample of customers.

Benefits associated with Customer Satisfaction Measurement Program

Our model, besides assessing each of the areas or aspects involved in the customer relationship, estimate, using statistical procedures, their impact (ie their importance) on the elements that occupy higher levels in the model. Thus the study provides additional criteria when deciding which processes or components are more important.

This methodology allows the comparison of the brand studied with the reference or better brand, in each of the processes or factors.


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