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Research for Pharma Sector


Types of Research for the Pharma Sector

For medical and pharmaceutical industries we’ve mainly carried out the following types of studies.

In clinical trials we facilitate the job to medical and health personnel, dealing with the task of contacting the patient, both in the recruitment process and in subsequent follow-up (longitudinal studies ...).

We are experts at recruitment of specific patient profiles, based on the inclusion criteria required by the laboratory.

In follow-up surveys, we contact the patients in order to evaluate the effect of the medication and the development of pathology.

We save medical team from this jobs optimizing costs, for example by reducing incentives.

We have the capacity to carry out multinational studies because we have interviewers who speak multiple languages.

These studies are aimed to obtain consumption data from hospitals based on the information managed in the hospital pharmacy. It quantifies both the domestic consumption of the hospital (administered to inpatients) and the dispensing of drugs to outpatients.

The head of Hospital Pharmacy is normally the person who provides the information, although in some cases he can delegate to the deputy Pharmacist.

It is developed a questionnaire for collecting data of consumption of the required drugs (from the client's brand and competition).You can have the information broken down according to the various product formats and presentations. It is also feasible to obtain the information segmented by the hospital unit to which the drug is targeted or by the pathology to which it’s administered.

The frequency can be variable (annual, biannual ...).

To assess the positioning of a product in comparison with the competition, identifying strengths and weaknesses, making them an essential tool in developing strategies.

Studies to assess the needs of consumers / pharmacists / physicians and the criteria that determine the choice of a brand or product.

Consumer valuations of the various aspects of a product are obtained after viewing, using or handling it.

Qualitative pre-test to determine the motivations and brakes and perform the necessary optimizations.

Quantitative post-test to assess the impact of communicative actions (achieved notoriety and projected image).

Studies to generate ideas for development of new products, evaluate new concepts through conducting creative focus groups and braimstorming.

Allow to obtain ratings on the packagings, the transmited image, the perceptions regarding its functionality, practicality, usefulness of information that incorporates...


To audit the presence of promotional material at point of sale, as well as the role it has within the establishment (located in hot/ cold zones...).


To assess the patient's understanding of inserts, instructions, self-administered diaries...

It is essential to adapt the language addressed to the patient in order to ensure a good understanding of the relevant information.


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